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Some antivirus apps quarantine Discord files during installation. This bars Discord from functioning with these and causes the error. You’d need to whitelist these files on your antivirus so that they can run smoothly. However, the whitelist process differs based on the antivirus software you use. The exact cause of the Discord JavaScript error may vary from person to person. This could be a corrupted Discord installation file or another service causing the error.

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All you need to do is to whitelist the Discord files from the antivirus app. When you open the Service’s properties window, check for the option under the “Startup type” menu and set it to “Automatic” rather than “Manual.” You have to check these settings before proceeding on. It’s unnecessary to uninstall your antivirus program just to prevent future errors. Adding Discord to the list of exceptions in your antivirus program’s settings should suffice.

Solution 2 – Fix for Windows 7 Users

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Anti-virus software on your computer could be the cause of this JavaScript error. To prevent this from occurring, you need to add an exclusion to your anti-virus program. To discover if this is the issue, simply re-download the setup file from the official Discord website and try to install it again. Now, you know how to fix the javascript error that occurred in the main process, you can get your doubts cleared from the best javascript developers in the industry.

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