Law Firm Accounting Services: A CFO Can Help

how to do bookkeeping for law firm

Focusing on your clients also helps build trust and a good image of your firm. Using automation to simplify billing lets you get client invoices out faster for prompt payment. Automation also prevents human error within your legal billing process and reduces your office staff’s workload. It also ensures greater accuracy on your financial statements, which is vital during tax time. As a fully customizable legal accounting software platform, QuickBooks lets you manage retainers based on your state’s specific IOTLA programs rules. Easily track all money held in trust retainers and general retainers.

  • Accounting for law firms is often intimidating—even for seasoned lawyers.
  • To prevent misappropriating funds from other clients, remember to only charge your clients for fees directly relating to their trust account.
  • For example, if the trust account statement balance does not match the trust ledger balance, it could mean that client funds have been misappropriated.
  • Every business needs to have a bookkeeping and accounting process.
  • Because of this, you run the risk of breaking certain trust accounting laws (those transaction fees need to be immediately paid back into the trust account).

Legal accounting and attorney bookkeeping are surely one of the largest you face. That’s why we recommend you law firm bookkeeping should hire a professional legal account. Now, you can dedicate your valuable time to growing your business.

Hire a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) and Bookkeeper

Generate statements such as cash flow, profit and loss, balance sheets, etc. Email reports directly to clients, banks, partners, or equity members. Cash accounting is also beneficial because you can look at your bank balance at any time to understand the amount of money available. Since revenue isn’t recognized until the cash is paid, there are no income taxes until the money is in your bank account.

After selecting a candidate, provide adequate training to ensure they are prepared to handle the job. Offer competitive wages and benefits packages to qualified candidates once you have finalized your selection. Comparing different banks’ answers to these questions will help you decide which institution and account are right for you. Uptime Legal continues to innovate and disrupt the legal tech industry. Under Dennis’ leadership, Uptime Legal has grown organically and through acquisitions to become the nationally-recognized legal technology company it is today. There are other types of deductions you need to keep track of that incur while doing business.

Open a checking, savings, and IOLTA account

If you mismanage this account, you could face severe consequences, including disbarment. We don’t recommend building your business off the back of your credit card. The interest rates are high, limits are often lower than other forms of credit, and they’re easily mismanaged.

how to do bookkeeping for law firm

Produce clean, detailed, and informative financial statements on a monthly basis, including the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. As my law practice has grown, Anna and Kate have continuously dived in, assessed, and fixed my accounting processes. Make one mistake when recording your debits and credits, and your entire balance won’t add up. Accounting software where you download transactions can help avoid this error, as can double-checking entries as you go. The most powerful solution to this problem is taking the time to update your books frequently (or outsourcing your bookkeeping to a team that will reconcile the numbers for you). At Supporting Strategies, small business bookkeeping and controller services is our core business.

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